Thank you for your Donations



Hi Green Apple Supporters:

2020 was a rough year for so many, Green Apple inlcuded. But thanks to your support--be that shopping our website, buying gift cards, coming into our stores instead of purchasing from some corporate online behemoth--we find ourselves in reasonable financial shape heading into 2021. Almost 200 of you also made donations to us large and small, which directly helped keep the lights on, the doors open, and our booksellers' health care paid.  Because we feel the ship has been righted (at least for now), we are not currently accepting donations. If you'd like to support the store, please continue to choose Green Apple over that online retailer, buy gift cards for your friends, follow us on social media or subscribe to our email newsletter, introduce a new reader to our shop, or stop in and say "hi." (But wear a mask and keep your distance until this madness is over.)


Thank you again for the love and support,

Kevin, Pete, and the whole staff of Green Apple Books, Books on the Park, and Browser Books