The Apple-a-Month Club: New Fiction, Delivered to Your Door

We often hear that customers come to Green Apple to find the book they're looking for but stay for hours to peruse the books we recommend. But if you live far away, have schedules that inhibit your ability to read hundreds of handwritten index cards before selecting your next book, or are looking for a perfect perennial gift for the bibliophile in your life: The Apple-a-Month Club is here for you.

Here's how it works: We pore over stacks of soon-to-be-released fiction to find the paperback original we're most excited about. The only guiding policy is that every book we pick will be new, fiction and what we think will be appealing to all types of readers. Why take the risk? Well, we're hoping you might discover something you never would have picked up elsewhere. You can then look forward to getting a new book with a handwritten note about why we love it in the mail once a month. As publication dates vary, so will the delivery date -- that's part of the fun.

Check out this list to see what we've recommended so far.

Prices (below) include tax and shipping. If your subscription is a gift, please indicate so in the "order comments" field, and we'll include a notice letting them know who it's from.

If you have further questions, comments, or concerns about our Apple-a-Month service, please send them to

Three paperback fiction titles over three months. Cost includes tax and shipping.

Six paperback fiction titles over six months. Cost includes tax and shipping.


Twelve paperback fiction titles over the course of a year. Cost includes tax and shipping.


For continuing subscribers only. Don't let your subscription lapse! Continue receiving our Apple-a-Month picks on a monthly basis.