Favorites of the Green Apple Staff

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As our dedicated customers well know, the Green Apple Staff Favorites display is nothing short of a living literary legend (or at least we think so.) One of our best-selling displays in the store, the Staff Favorites represent our truest (and most diverse) tastes, our heart and soul, our most sincere recommendations. We hope you'll discover something here that you wouldn't have otherwise, something perhaps you'll in turn recommend. Click on the images below to view a Green Appler's favorites.



        Josie                                        EH                                    Sparks                                            Nina



Nick                                              Kevin H.                                        Clark                                   Ashley



Jeff                                                Molly                                    A.S                                       Danielle

      Pete                                             Kristina                                Spiros                                    Martin


              Kate                                    KPR                                       John                                  George