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Get a copy of Home Baked and a Sticky Fingers T-shirt for $50!

Alia Volz’s parents were pioneers in the marijuana brownie business back in the 1970s, and Home Baked is Volz’s loving tribute to her parents and the crazy world of the pre-AIDS Castro District.  Now, for a mere $50, you can get a signed copy of Home Baked along with a t-shirt bearing the logo of the famous Sticky Fingers Brownies.

Available in women’s small, medium or large (specify red or green) or men’s medium, large, or extra-large (specify mauve or green).  If orders are to be shipped, they must be sent priority mail.


Pick up Why We Swim with a Green Apple swim cap for $40!

New York Times contributor Bonnie Tsui, a swimmer herself, dives into the deep, from the San Francisco Bay to the South China Sea, investigating what it is about water that seduces us, despite its dangers, and why we come back to it again and again. Grab your own copy along with a one-size fits all Green Apple swim cap. The perfect bundle for the most aquatically-inclined reader!



SKU: whyweswim

Includes a SIGNED copy of Why We Swim and a silicon Green Apple swim cap.

Default is sea lion-repellant yellow, but shark-attracting orange also available. Just say "orange please" in the comment field at checkout.