Online School Fundraisers at Our Stores

Online School Fundraisers and Green Apple

What we provide:

  1. Online book fundraiser for a week where parents and students are invited to help support their school by shopping at A percentage of any purchases they make (including non-school related purchases) will go back to the school (#2 below). They only need to mention your school's name in their order comments!
  2. A percentage of sales from any online purchases in which your school is mentioned will be donated to the school. (10% for a check, 20% for gift card)
  3. Optional: Teachers can use our new book inventory on our website to create online wishlists of books they’d like parents to purchase for their classrooms. Alternatively, teachers can come to the store the week before the event and pick out a stack of books they’d like as a physical wishlist from which parents can choose to buy for donation.

What you provide us:

  • Dates you want to have your fundraiser

Addendum: these are not hard and fast rules for our fundraisers and we can work together to help meet your specific needs as necessary.~

Thank you so very much for partnering with us for your event. We hope to accommodate your needs and ensure you have a great experience working with us. 
And if you have any further questions please contact:

Sara Wigglesworth: kids book section extraordinaire (415) 387-2272