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The New Hire: What does it take to work at San Francisco's Green Apple Books? "The New Hire" shows the rigorous training program that creates the knowledgeable and efficient staff that we have cultivated for over 45 years.

Green Apple Books, On Bookselling: This is why Green Apple Books matters. We love connecting books and people.

An Election Year Message From Green Apple Books! This fall you have an important decision to make. Don't get trapped in The Amazon when you can shop safely in the controlled environment of your local independent bookstore Green Apple Books & Music.

Green Apple Books Holiday Recommendations for 2011! 19 holidays for you and your loved ones! Come by the store or shop online. So put some pants on and get out of the house!

Goooooogly Books (Google eBooks TM): A how-to video on navigating our website when downloading a Google eBook.

Foursquare Offer at Green Apple Books! Check-in on Foursquare at Green Apple Books!

19 gift ideas from Green Apple Books: Here are 19 fun and unique items at Green Apple Books this holiday season.

We start, in early February, with a hopeful poem and a simple image. Despite the doom and gloom, people somehow keep coming to our store, as seen here from a camera we left running atop a stack of David Sedaris's When You Are Engulfed in Flames. So in between the hope of the inauguration and the promise of spring comes this short poem/video. The poem is "Sometimes" by Sheenagh Pugh.