Peoplescapes: My Story From Purging to Paintings

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 7:00pm



On Thursday, June 26, Green Apple Books will transform the second floor of the main store into a small scale art gallery as we feature some of the delightful paintings from the visual memoir Peoplescapes: My Story From Purging to Paintings by Nancy Calef with Jody Weiner

This transformational journey in words and 149 full color paintings and drawings, chronicles Nancy Calef's evolution from child model, suffering anorexia and bulimia, through recovery and maturation into a multi-disciplined artist renowned for her innovative "Peoplescapes:" vibrant plein-air colors applied to exaggerated snapshots of the human condition.  Characters are often rendered in 3D, sculpted on the canvas, found objects, symbolism and commentary added, together producing a razor sharp narrative on issues facing society.

Driven by honest self-examination and daily commitment to convert her self-destructive energy into creative expression and physical exercise, Calef provides in these pages a path for others to help themselves transcend their deepest emotional and physical obstructions. More than a cocktail table art book, Peoplescapes -- My Story From Purging To Painting is an around-the-world tale of self-discovery, courage, and love, at turns hilarious and heart-breaking, while Calef's luminous talent shines through.

Contemporary American painter and multi-media artist, her work has hung in galleries, museums and juried exhibitions across the United States, Europe and Asia. Thought-provoking and innovative, Calef’s mixed media & oil "peoplescapes" combine vibrant expressionistic hues with sculpture and found objects, giving her characters third-dimensionality while cleverly addressing social and political world issues.

Writer, producer and attorney in no particular order, Weiner wrote the novel  Prisoners of Truth (2004, 2006 pb ed., Council Oak Books), co-authored Kinship With Animals an anthology of true interspecies encounters from well-known animal activists, scientists and other professionals (2007, Council Oak Books), co-edited  Resistance - a Radical Political and Social History of the Lower East Side by Clayton Patterson (2009, Seven Stories Press), co-managed publication of  Vali Meyers-a Memoir by Gianni Menichetti (Golda Foundation Press); he was consulting producer and wrote additional dialogue for Hoodwinked Too; Hood vs Evil (animated feature film 2011, TWC); his original comedy screenplay, Heck No is in development.


Nancy and Jody began their personal and creative collaboration in San Francisco, 1989; married in 1993, they continue to reside, work and travel together.

Praise For Peoplescapes

"Nancy Calef's landscapes of 

people are a real challenge

to any figurative painter,

by portraying humanity en masse 

with all its sad happy faces." 

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Award winning poet and painter; co-founder - City Lights Bookstore

“This memoir tells the story of how Calef ingeniously transformed her mother’s ravenous ambition for Nancy to be a “star” -- through much childhood and young adulthood suffering -- into a world stage where the audience becomes sensitively and beautifully executed human beings, evoked with irony, humor and pathos in a painting style uniquely her own.”  

Jack Hirschman - Award-winning author and poet, painter and former Poet Laureate of San Francisco, CA.

Peoplescapes: My Story from Purging to Painting By Nancy Calef Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780989817103
Published: Babu Books - September 15th, 2014

Illustrated memoir about a young girls journey from anorexia to artist. Pushed into modeling for "Adult" magazines by her mother a young girl turns to anorexia and bulimia until she discovers art. Her ability to tell stories through her art eventually frees her from her eating disorder and her mother's cruel ambition.