Junior Green Appler Story Time - The Earth-Guards Adventure Team

Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 11:00am
Join us in our kids section on Saturday, October 19th at 11:00 am for our weekly Junior Green Appler Story and Color Time! This week we welcome the creators of The Earth-Guards Adventure Team series as they present the newest book in their series, The Case of the Poisoned Lake.
Among the strangely twisted roots beneath Old Man Log, five young adventurers…and one horse…are given superpowers to right the environmental wrongs…one dirty guy at a time. In this adventure, “The Earth-Guards Adventure Team” face Only Mee and Onebrow Care-not, dangerous dirty guys who poisoned Bright Lake and may have killed Poto, one of the youngest Earth-Guards. Their mission takes them to Ugly Underhall where they face treacherous traps and chilly challenges. Even with courage and teamwork, can they put an end to the toxic tinkering and stealthy stinkiness?

The book is filled with suspense, action, and humor as the Earth-Guards overcome scary challenges through teamwork.   Includes colorful artwork, a glossary, a CD of the theme song and karaoke sing-along.

Kayla Gold is a songwriter, vocal coach and performer. She has written for and appeared in many theatrical productions, and coaches young people on musical performance and theater improvisation. Kayla was also a promotional writer for record labels and music video companies. Her favorite superpower is seeing the magical in the mundane and tossing off funny one-liners. This is her first book series.

Joy Evans was born in Novato, California, Joy spent much of her youth riding horses in the foothills near her home. Her superpower is as a forward thinker and creative, conceptual artist. She has worked in a variety of mediums.  For 20 years, she worked with fabric and design, refurbishing homes and creating costumes for stage shows. Current mediums include photography, videography and creative computer technologies.

Catie Vercammen is a graduate in Fine Arts from UC Santa Cruz, Catie’s obvious superpower is in developing stunning character images. She works both traditionally and digitally during her illustration process. She has been awarded multiple scholarships and enjoys the enthusiastic support of college professors and faculty. Catie is currently working on her second BA at Ex’pression College For Digital Arts in Emeryville, California.