Thursday, December 9, 2010 - 7:00pm

Come check out local new writer Ethel Rohan as she reads from her debut collection of short stories, Cut Through the Bone.

This stripped-raw collection of thirty stories swells with broken, incomplete people yearning to be whole. Through tight language and searing scenarios, Rohan brings to life a plethora of characters — exposed, vulnerable souls who are achingly human. As Victor LaValle, author of The Big Machine says, “Cut Through the Bone is full of phantom limbs and phantom lives. These stories create a sense of loss in the reader, an ache, but thankfully they avoid dull cynicism. Instead, they bear witness to the difficulty of living for oneself while sacrificing for others... Ethel Rohan is one hell of a writer.”

A graduate of Mills College with an MFA in Fiction, Rohan now lives in San Francisco. So come out to support a local talent with a searing new voice, pick up a copy of Cut Through the Bone, and enjoy a reading and some complimentary wine or perhaps an Irish whiskey (Rohan originally hails from Ireland). See you there.