Clement: Ramblr Magazine Launch

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 7:00pm

This event will be held at our Clement St. location. 

Four tired college students got together one day to create a literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, and art. Over 250 submissions were read and considered, but only 40 were accepted for publication. We reached out to esteemed artists Ed Hirtzel, Joseph Lease, and L Frank Martinez to judge for the Ramblr Genre Awards in Fiction, Poetry, and Art. Our winners include fiction writers Santos Arteaga and TreVaughn Malik Roach-Carter, poets Eric Dolan and Alexandria Liston, and artists Cynthia Lopez and Solana Blantz.

Join us to celebrate the winners of the Genre Awards as well as the editors on this creation. You may even get to hear published titles such as “Bottle Neck Service” by Rick De Guzman, “Convalescence” by Paul C. Kelly, and “Fifty Bucks a Blowjob, Hundred Bucks a Fuck” by Deek Speredelozzi. The atmosphere at Green Apple Books will be the perfect complement to the various authors who will be reading on June 13th.

Please note that some of the poems and prose in this magazine contain material that may be triggering for some people/survivors. Topics may include sexual assault, domestic violence, racism, misogyny, homophobia, or explicit content among other triggers. Please protect yourself while attending this reading. Remember that writing is not always a reflection of an author’s beliefs. However, Ramblr would also like to remind you to question everything.

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