Clement: Matthew Lane

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 7:00pm

This event will be held at our Clement street location. 



Please join Green Apple Books on Clement street Thursday, August 24th at 7:00pm as we welcome Author Matthew Lane in discussion about his book Power-Up: Unlocking the Hidden Mathematics in Video Games.


Did you know that every time you pick up the controller to your PlayStation or Xbox, you are entering a game world steeped in mathematics? Power-Up reveals the hidden mathematics in many of today's most popular video games and explains why mathematical learning doesn't just happen in the classroom or from books—you're doing it without even realizing it when you play games on your cell phone.


In this lively and entertaining book, Matthew Lane discusses how gamers are engaging with the traveling salesman problem when they play Assassin's Creed, why it is mathematically impossible for Mario to jump through the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros., and how The Sims teaches us the mathematical costs of maintaining relationships. He looks at mathematical pursuit problems in classic games like Missile Command and Ms. Pac-Man, and how each time you play Tetris, you're grappling with one of the most famous unsolved problems in all of mathematics and computer science. Along the way, Lane discusses why Family Feud and Pictionary make for ho-hum video games, how realism in video games (or the lack of it) influences learning, what video games can teach us about the mathematics of voting, the mathematics of designing video games, and much more.


Praise for Power-Up:


"Are you a video game enthusiast who is getting tired of being asked ‘How can you waste time on such stuff?' This book is your answer! Matthew Lane skillfully weaves a tale of how video games can be important tools for teaching mathematics and physics. As a long-time video gamer, I highly recommend Power-Up."--Paul J. Nahin, author of In Praise of Simple Physics


"What a delightful journey through the math of hidden worlds! This is much more than a book about video games. It's an exploration of interconnectedness and an invitation for the perpetually curious."--Karim Ani, founder of Mathalicious


"After reading Power-Up, parents, teachers, and nongamers who have eschewed letting young people play video games may see that games are not the ‘evil distraction' they have been made out to be."--Robin Angotti, University of Washington


Matthew Lane is a mathematician and cofounder of Rithm School, a coding school in San Francisco's Mission district. He is also the creator of Math Goes Pop!, a blog that explores the interconnections between mathematics and popular culture. A native San Franciscan, he currently lives in the city with his wife and son, and has been an avid fan of Green Apple Books since he was in high school.


Power-Up: Unlocking the Hidden Mathematics in Video Games Cover Image
ISBN: 9780691161518
Availability: On Our Shelves Now. Call store for up-to-the-minute availability.
Published: Princeton University Press - May 23rd, 2017

A fun and lively look at the mathematical ideas concealed in video games

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