9th Ave: Record of the Month Live! Al Harper

Friday, June 28, 2024 - 7:00pm

This event will be held at our 1231 9th Ave store in the Inner Sunset. 

Cover of Al Harper's album The Analemma Observation League. The cover is a painting of a picture window with a cityscape and blue sky, a cat perched on the sill and a green tree outside. There is a portait of Harper inside the room facing the viewer, almost painted in a Modigliani, angular style.
Join us on Friday, June 28 at 7pm when we celebrate our June Record of the Month,The Analemma Observation League, with a live performance by Al Harper at 9th Ave!

Free Entry • Some Beverages Provided • BYOEverything Encouraged

About the Event
Join us to celebrate our Record of the Month Club with a live performance of the Club's June selection, The Analemma Observation League by Al Harper! This is a free, BYOEverything event with some refreshments provided. We will have LPs available for purchase at the event, and of course the bookstore will be open for all of your browsing needs. Check out all the info you need to know about our Record of the Month Club below or at the following link: https://www.greenapplebooks.com/record-month

About The Analemma Observation League
"Al Harper's new album, The Analemma Observation League, perfectly balances folk of eras past with a modern dream pop aesthetic. This lush and unique album reminds me of so many different things, like echoes of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac combined with a new and nostalgic yearning. It reminds me of laying in warm, wet grass during summer with nowhere to be but here."—Max, Green Apple Books

About the Record of the Month Club
Every month, we nominate a bookseller-endorsed LP for Record of the Month and promote the album, band, and label throughout the course of the month.We put heavy emphasis on local and/or off-the-beaten track artists and labels with the intention of bringing support and attention to our community's vibrant creative landscape.

About Al Harper
Everything that grows knows itself. What’s taken root and blooming in Al Harper’s latest album, The Analemma Observation League, deeply knows how to invite new and old fans to linger, smile with eyes closed, and then line dance our way through reflection on these past, pivotal years of individual and collective metamorphoses.

Like an heirloom Central Valley bush sunflower, native to Al’s hometown of Bakersfield, California, the seeds of A.O.L. were cultivated over many mighty seasons of heat, movement, and seeking the sun. The formative influence of the twang and heart of the Bakersfield Sound, mashed up with the as-seen-on-TV Sounds Of The ‘70s tapes her dad bought to blast on coastal road trips, is an Al Harper calling card that bobs and weaves throughout her songbook. With seriously siren vocals that defy comparison, honeyed with a Chrissie Hynde-meets-Harumi hum all her own, A.O.L. plays like the culmination of what Al promised to further nurture in herself after the release of her pandemic LP, Promises I Kept.

An analemma – the shape the sun makes in the sky when seen from the same spot at the same time every day for a year – takes the shape of a figure 8 when observed from Earth. Just like the flowers and landscapes that take form throughout A.O.L., Al’s organic and intentional lyricism gives a body to the seasons of change we all experience that occur and inevitably repeat over time. In stretching her sound through ethereal call and earthy response echoes with guitars that imitate electric harps, bass that keeps it MC5, and tight drums that recalibrate our heart rate, Al loops back and swirls us through her experiences of memory and love that feel both intimate and deeply shared at the same time.

By analyzing her own life chapters and highlights through the lens of an analemma, Al’s membership card in the Analemma Observation League has given her access to refract the figure 8 concept of infinity through a new light set to a sonic sound. A.O.L. nudges us that, to really grow? It starts by knowing we gotta know we gotta grow.


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Please note that shipping will not be available for any Record of the Month orders, all vinyl will be able to be picked up at any of our locations.

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