9th Ave: Independent Bookstore Day 2018

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:00am

These events are a part of 9th avenue's celebration of Independent Bookstore Day. 



Events and Fun: 


We're going to be doing lots of fun things throughout the day, with raffles every hour on the hour. See below for a detailed list of the day's festivities. 


- Books from the future! See a selection of advance reader's copies of books that have not yet been published and read them before anyone else can. 

- Blind date with a book! We're wrapping up a selection of our favorite books for you to buy blindly, so take a chance for a mere $7. 

- Endless typewriter scroll! Help us collaborate on story tapped out on an old dusty typewriter. 

- Free Beer! We think this one's pretty self-explanatory

- Raffles! Every hour on the hour we'll be raffling away an array of tote bags, gift cards, signed books, signed memorabilia, and more. Tickets are given with the purchase of something from our store. 

- Bad book trivia! (3:00 p.m.) Test your bad book trivial knowledge wtih us and win a nice stack of some baaaaaaaaaad books. 


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