9th Ave: Dr. Monica Gandhi

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - 7:00pm

Cover of Dr. Monica Gandhi's book, Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook. The cover is beige with an orange trim all around. The title, Endemic has a banner of light blue behind it.
Join us on Tuesday, July 18 at 7pm PT when Dr. Monica Gandhi celebrates the release of her book, Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook, at 9th Ave

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Praise for Endemic
“Throughout the pandemic, I often turned to the compassionate and clearheaded voice of Dr. Monica Gandhi. Drawing on her experience from the frontlines of HIV, she was able to make meaning from mountains of data and deftly balance an approach that helped keep people safe while reducing harm. Now, eyes cast to the future, she outlines a thoughtful and reasoned plan to help prepare for the next pandemic.”—Sanjay Gupta, M.D., CNN chief medical correspondent and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Keep Sharp and World War C

"Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Monica Gandhi has emerged as a unique voice, passionately arguing for an approach that balances the threat of the virus and the harms of mitigation strategies. In this timely, lucid, and well-referenced book, Gandhi lays out the lessons of the pandemic – lessons that should be heeded as we manage the continued threat of Covid and plan for the next pandemic. An essential addition to the Covid lexicon."—Robert Wachter, M.D., Chair, Department of Medicine, UCSF and New York Times bestselling author of The Digital Doctor
"As we look back on the years 2020-2022 and forward to the coming decades, Dr. Monica Gandhi's bold work will be among the few go-to analyses helping to set the stage for the long-term playbook we can rely on in future epidemics."—Emily Oster, New York Times bestselling author of Cribsheet and Professor of Economics, Brown University

About Endemic
A manifesto and action plan for future pandemics.

Endemic aims squarely at reckoning with our present condition: comprehending and living with a new respiratory disease and how to face the coming variants and next pandemic with reason, science, understanding, courage, and compassion. It does not shy from rigorous scrutiny, and it pulls no punches about where we have been, where we find ourselves now, and how we ought to manage the virus in the coming years. 
“Endemic” refers to an Infectious Disease practitioner’s knowledge of what features of a virus make it both “eradicable” and which features make it “controllable.” These two things translate to becoming endemic or having achieved endemicity. As for eradicable viruses in recorded human history, only smallpox has reached this status. The features of SARS-CoV-2 make it non-eradicable. However, living with an endemic virus and using the tools we do have is possible and does not have to be disruptive to society. Instead, it becomes the “problem” of the medical community. We must first acknowledge that the virus is endemic and not eradicable. This takes a shift in both mindset and policy. Secondly, we must understand that we now have a greater knowledge of pathogens allows us to prepare for future variants, and for future pandemics.
This book is a clarion call for reason while also assessing the story, science, and politics thus far with its hits and misses, and providing a roadmap for the future of COVID-19 variants and future epidemic crises. Dr. Gandhi’s 10-point plan is the center of this book and will serve to guide us today and into our future. Her roadmap includes:

  • the expansion of equitable vaccine distribution
  • easing restrictions
  • emphasising harm reduction over coercive or punitive measures
  • encouraging outdoor activities
  • avoiding school closures
  • understanding the long-term economic and psychological consequences of sustained lockdowns
  • eliminating ineffective measures
  • reassessing testing policies and practices
  • increasing access to outpatient therapies and prophylactics
  • focusing on better preparation for future pandemics

Dr. Gandhi brings her unique blend of professional history, training and experience, academic authority, accessibility for general readers, and recognized role as expert commentator for general audiences to bear. Endemic is for readers confused by inconsistent mandates and policies who are concerned about and want to be prepared for the future, as well as public health professionals, medical professionals, and policymakers.

About Dr. Monica Gandhi
Monica Gandhi, M.D. is Professor of Medicine and Associate Division Chief of the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine at UCSF/ San Francisco General Hospital. She also serves as the Director of the UCSF Center for AIDS Research and the Medical director of the HIV Clinic at SFGH ("Ward 86"). Dr. Gandhi completed her M.D. at Harvard Medical School and then came to UCSF in 1996 for residency training in Internal Medicine. After her residency, Dr. Gandhi completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, both at UCSF. She also obtained a master’s in public health from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001 with a focus on Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Dr. Gandhi is arguably among the most distinguished infectious disease experts practicing today as well as being one of the few women with such a recognized platform. She supervises many predoctoral students, fellows, residents, and faculty at UCSF and has co-authored or contributed to 18 scholarly books. She is overseeing 11 ongoing research awards and grants from the NIH and the NIAID.
Dr. Gandhi has received dozens of awards, spoken at hundreds of conferences, keynoting many, held a handful of prestigious leadership positions, performed thousands of hours of public service, and served as a mentor and advisor to women in global health research studies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has contributed more than 20 original, peer-reviewed research articles and written more than 40 editorial and opinion pieces for media outlets including The New York TimesNPRNBC NewsBBCAtlanticWashington PostNew YorkerLos Angeles TimesSan Francisco ChronicleThe GuardianVox NewsWIRED, and more. She lives in San Francisco with her family. 

Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook By Monica Gandhi Cover Image
ISBN: 9781945564543
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Published: Mayo Clinic Press - July 11th, 2023

A Blueprint for Navigating Future Pandemics: Embrace an Endemic Reality

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