Event Guidelines

Guidelines for holding a successful event at Green Apple Books.

We highly recommend that you take a look at our past events to see if your book would be a good fit for our programming.

Please note that we typically book events at least three months in advance.

Green Apple will promote events using our media contacts, Facebook and other social media, etc. However, we ask that authors promote their events through their website, Facebook, and other social media outlets as well. We will do our best to join forces with you and your publicity team to successfully promote your event.

What to include in your e-mail:
·         The author
·         The book/books you’re looking to promote
·         A contact e-mail address
·         A contact phone number
·         Projected number of attendees
·         Projected number of book sales
·         Dates you’re interested in throwing your event
·         A website with more information on your author/book

This information will help us in our selection and scheduling process.

If you schedule an event with Green Apple, please avoid scheduling another event in San Francisco within two weeks prior to or following the event. This helps solidify event attendance.

Please do not take it personally if you receive a form letter reply, as we get many requests to hold readings at the store. We consider all requests to hold readings in the store. However, please be advised that we are very selective about which events are held in the store and strongly favor local authors.