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IF YOU WORK AT A DESK AND USE A COMPUTER OR SMARTPHONE, CHANCES ARE YOU NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE. Working at a desk for extended periods of time can put stress on your neck, back, and spine, and, unless you’re careful, wreck your posture. The Professional Posture Program is designed specifically for the working professional who sits at a desk. It is a sequence of ten daily exercises targeted to improve posture and counteract the negative health effects on postural muscles due to sitting during the workday. The exercises are work-friendly, designed to be done at your desk or home office, and take less than 15 minutes. The program includes a selection of additional bonus exercises. The Professional Posture Program is unique because it is a simple, efficient, proactive postural program tailored for the busy worker to incorporate into a daily work schedule. It includes: Career advantages of having good posture Guide to ergonomics and the importance of your desk setup for your posture Clear pictures and detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises A daily sequence of ten exercises that can be performed in less than fifteen minutes and optional bonus exercises Summary checklist of exercises (both in picture and text) to post at your desk If you work at a desk, you need to fight for good posture every day. Designed by two medical doctors and a yoga teacher, The Professional Posture Program makes this achievable for you by arming you with the knowledge and tools to do so in less than fifteen minutes a day.

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ISBN-13: 9781984587008
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication Date: August 31st, 2020