SAFE AT HOME During Police Defunding and Rising Crime: For the Complete Idiot (Paperback)

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No, I don't presume you are an idiot. But if you are, this book should still be able to help you attain a well-rounded understanding of effective crime prevention for the home. Though introducing newer concepts like Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, it also covers all of the more familiar basics of home security. It's a "how-to" book that will reduce your fear of crime while making your home more safe and secure.What you don't know can hurt you. Knowledge of Crime Prevention is a prime example. That very important body of information is unknown to most as it is kept a virtual secret. Crime Prevention is not taught to children, students, worshippers, soldiers, or even cops. This results in many unnecessary victims of property crimes and violent assaults.Another big unknown to the general public is the large number of evil predators among us. Most people don't want to think about that or their own personal vulnerability. Only a small percentage of us perceive this reality and know the level of ever-present danger. It's cops, paramedics, firefighters, and emergency room personnel who see the mayhem and victims of crime on a regular basis. The rest of the population lives in blissful ignorance and complacency until such time as they may become victims themselves. Police can't be everywhere at all times. In many parts of the USA, they are encouraged to be nowhere at all. Police defunding has had predictable results with crime in many areas is quickly rising. No one is immune to the threat of criminal victimization. Personal diligence is required to maximize your safety and you must protect yourself. But how? Fortunately, there have been a lot of advancements in strategy, tactics, and technology, focused on effectively preventing crime. CPTED being chief among them. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. It's a big-picture synergetic solution. The pages ahead will offer you a comprehensive body of information and actions that you can take, including traditional solutions, to protect your family and your property. You will likely come to view the environment around you differently as the pages ahead will expand the horizon of your situational awareness. You'll attain a confident understanding of how to achieve much greater safety and security. The process and tactics are simple and easy to comprehend. Come on in and let's get started.

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ISBN: 9798733232102
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 5th, 2021
Pages: 40
Language: English