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There are no techniques, no methods whatsoever in this book. Nothing to memorize, no mental structure to build, no areas in the mind to activate. However, you'll make use of one thing that is natural to all of us and which doesn't require any effort; FAMILIARIZATION. From the direction of writing to the lack of lowercase and capital letters, and to the necessity to use special signs for correct pronunciation, Hebrew can sometimes become a challenge for foreign students. However, these properties shall not scare you away Hebrew is a beautiful language with glorious letters, and the aim of this book is to get you familiar with the glorious Hebrew letters. With each page, you will feel more confident in your reading abilities. With the experience of teaching more than 20 years, the author's other works include Hebrew and Turkish self-study books and complementary materials. They've proven successful with their new editions and over 7 years in the market.What you'll find in the book: PRONUNCIATION KEYPREFACE: THE HEBREW LANGUAGEPART IMEET THE HEBREW ALPHABETPART IISYMBOLS OF PRONUNCIATIONA. Long SoundsB. Short SoundsOTHER SYMBOLS AND DEFINITIONSA. Glottal Stop -Shiva (שְׁוָא)B. Pataħ at the End- Pataħ Ganuva (פַּתָּח גָנוּבָה)C. Repetition of a Letter - Dagesh (דָגֵש)D. Syllables - Habarot (הֲבָרוֹת)E. Stress - Hangina (הַנְּגִינָה)PRONUNCIATIONPART IIINUMERICAL VALUES OF THE LETTERS.

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ISBN: 9798563318632
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 11th, 2020
Pages: 140
Language: English