An Indic Approach to AI Ethics (Paperback)

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India's leadership in the Global South is essential in the realm of AI Policy, but the recourse of that leadership has to be connected with the cultural and aesthetic attributions of India as a civilizational state that can drive India's AI Ethics (and even Digital Ethics) Policy at both industrial and legal levels, which is backed by economic and regulatory sovereignty cum leverage. The monograph therefore is a background work to establish and propose an Indic framework on AI Ethics and Policy central to (i) some connotations of Indian philosophy; (ii) decoloniality as a policy issue in matters related to governance and diplomacy; and (iii) the capability, vision and credibility of Indian institutions, which are engaged in developing, implementing & improving AI Policy in India.
The book is an attempt to conjoin and examine key government and private efforts to shape AI Ethics standards, and to criticize with suggestions over creating a level-playing ground for India's leadership in AI-related research & development, inspired by some of the important schools of the Indian philosophical thought. The book's scope of analysis of power dynamics and development & technology politics is strictly limited to the domain of soft power.

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ISBN: 9798520434818
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 14th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English