Heart of the Resonant: Book One: Pulse (MP3 CD)

Heart of the Resonant: Book One: Pulse Cover Image
By Tim Paige (Read by), B. C. Handler
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Al started his day with a cup of cheap gas station coffee, expecting it to be another mundane day of classes. Instead, he ran for his life as eldritch monsters ripped into his university, bumped into strange characters, and went toe to toe with evil incarnate to save his classmates and crush, almost costing him everything. Just as Al thought his story ended, he awoke in a strange place with strange people, broken and scarred. From there, he is presented a horrifying revelation and a seemingly impossible decision that could impact billions of lives. Al comes to question everything he's ever known, being faced with the presence of magic, the knowledge of a cosmic war, and coping with the harshness of reality. While in the company of a buxom mage and a battle-hardened warrioress, Al determines his place in the order of all things. Contains mature themes.

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ISBN: 9798200251148
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: April 14th, 2020
Language: English