The Billionaire's Compulsion (Paperback)

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Donovan Hartwood wants for nothing. He gets what he wants and isn't afraid to be blunt about his desires. While his business prowess has made him a billionaire, his seduction skills are similarly savvy. At Hartwood Estates, Donovan's palatial home and prized palace, women exclusively wait on him hand and foot to make sure that his every need is met. Inheriting the estate from his father, the property is full of secrets that are waiting to be discovered. Because he pays them large sums of money, he is able to freely poke, prod, lick and suck these women in unmentionable places whenever he wants. While he is able to find his way into the pants of nearly any woman that he encounters and desires, Charlene is different. Charlene, rather controlling herself, is not attracted to Donovan's domineering ways. While you would think that this would keep Donovan away from her, this billionaire wants what he can't have. Find out the secrets that are hidden within the Hartwood family walls and understand in detail how Donovan Hartwood fulfills his lustful fantasies. What are you waiting for? Download the first of the Billionaire's Compulsion series, Dominance now.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789814950374
ISBN-10: 9814950378
Publisher: Jw Choices
Publication Date: September 30th, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English