Horse and Rider in the Late Viking Age (Hardcover)

Horse and Rider in the Late Viking Age Cover Image
By Merete Schifter Bagge (Editor), Anne Pedersen (Editor)
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In 2017 an exceptionally rich equestrian burial from the 10th century was discovered at Fregerslev near Skanderborg, Denmark. The burial contained a high-status horseman, buried with valuable grave goods. At the initial discovery, parts of the bridle and harness for several horses were excavated. Many further precious metal objects are indicated by means of metal detector surveys in the tomb chamber. This volume seeks to place the burial in a wider context. First of all, the preliminary results from the excavation of the Fregerslev burial are embraced. The finds and scientific results demonstrate what a remarkable burial this once was. Moreover, the description of the excavation methods and documentation procedures, the sampling strategies, and the following conservation and preservation of the finds, gives an idea of the many new scientific approaches, which may be useful when dealing with a decomposed grave in the future. Secondly the volume aims to explore the social, political, cultural and religious background of equestrian burial in a variety of countries, including Slovenia, Scotland, Sweden and Iceland. Was the burial from Fregerslev and others like it, an expression of a new powerful elite? New religious symbolism? New funerary rituals? New cultural impulses and changing values?

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ISBN: 9788771849981
ISBN-10: 877184998X
Publisher: Aarhus Unviersity Press
Publication Date: June 11th, 2021
Pages: 312
Language: English