The Heart of Leadership for Women: Cultivating a Sacred Space (Paperback)

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The Heart of Leadership for Women is about cultivating the sacred space for meeting, learning, and growth, where empowerment is fostered and transformation made possible. This book is about bringing what's holy about your mission and all your life experience, into your meeting space and elevating it from an event to a sacred gathering; it's about your rightful confidence as a light-holder called to leadership. With depth and humor, here is a blueprint-from planning to execution to conclusion-for every workshop and therapeutic arts facilitator, retreat leader, instructor, artist and performer, studio owner, activist, speaker, event coordinator, life coach, healer, and more.

About the Author

Lisa M. Miller is an expert facilitator, teacher, and guide-especially for women-who brings to life perennial wisdom that provides the compass for a life of meaning, intuition, and well-being today. Through a diversified holistic career spanning two decades, she's emerged as an internationally recognized champion of mind-body health with expertise in: Indigenous energy medicine, interfaith chaplaincy, yoga, meditation, and, Ayurvedic health. Because of her experience as the founder and former CEO of a healthy body image nonprofit for girls and mothers, and as the spouse of a former politician (national leadership and state-wide elected offices), Lisa's perspective is vast while heart and humor are her signature. She's married to Jonathan, her summer camp sweetheart of over thirty years, and is proud of their adult daughters, both inner city teachers, and leaders themselves.More about Lisa at, and at:

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ISBN: 9781982240998
ISBN-10: 1982240997
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: February 18th, 2020
Pages: 224
Language: English