Sterling Test Prep AP Chemistry Practice Questions: High Yield AP Chemistry Questions & Review (Paperback)

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This book provides 900 chemistry practice questions that test your knowledge of all AP Chemistry topics. At the back of the book, you will find answer keys (use them to verify your answers) and explanations to questions. These explanations provide step-by-step solutions for quantitative questions and detailed explanations for conceptual questions.

The explanations also cover the foundations of important chemistry topics needed to answer related questions on the exam. By reading these explanations carefully and understanding how they apply to solving the question, you will learn important chemistry concepts and the relationships between them. This will prepare you for the test and you will significantly increase your score.

Scoring well on the AP Chemistry is important for your chemistry placement credit and for admission into a college of your choice. To achieve a high score, you need to develop skills to properly apply the knowledge you have and quickly choose the correct answer. You must solve numerous practice questions that represent the style and content of the AP Chemistry questions. Understanding key science concepts is more valuable than memorizing terms.

All the questions are prepared by our science editors who possess extensive credentials and are educated in top colleges and universities. Our editors are experts on teaching sciences, preparing students for standardized science tests and have coached thousands of undergraduate and graduate school applicants on admission strategies.

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Publication Date: June 6th, 2018
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