Leap into HR Consulting: How to move successfully from Corporate to HR Consulting (Paperback)

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The world of work has changed forever. With Covid-19, Brexit and new working patterns, HR professionals are encountering increased uncertainty in the workplace. The upside of this is that many have realised that they no longer need to leave their future in the hands of others. Many HR professionals that are leaving the corporate world behind to gain flexibility, freedom, and more control.

But without guidance, the transition into consulting is rarely straightforward. You may be excited but held back by fears or concerns about how to do this or overwhelmed with too much information and conflicting advice.

That's why I've written this book. A must-have for HR Consultants, this is a practical, step-by-step guide with tangible insider tips, knowledge, and the 5 C's methodology. It is designed to guide you in setting up, launching, and running your HR Consultancy business.

You'll learn about:

  • How to identify what is important to you, staying true to your values and beliefs
  • Your IDEAL clients and how to define your niche
  • Practical tips on how to market your business and gain clients
  • Collaborations and Income Growth Strategies
  • Smarter working

As a Consultant with 26 years of experience in Consulting, Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD presents an honest, personal, and often witty approach to the highs and lows of consulting. Offering concrete advice alongside openly sharing the brutal truths of when things didn't go to plan, Sarah has helped countless consultants navigate the hurdles of early success and built her own business from her spare room to a 7-figure turnover.

The book comes with access to downloadable templates that will keep you up to date and allow you to revisit any of the exercises that you have completed in the book.

"This is no airy-fairy self-help book. This is nuts and bolts how to move from corporate to consultancy by someone who has been there, done it, got the tee-shirt.

It will challenge you to take the leap of faith you have been putting off forever, but it won't leave you just jumping off a cliff, instead it will give you the tools you need so that you do not crash to the ground but rather reach new heights." Sue Benoke

This book motivates you to take action, even if it is a small step it is a move in the right direction.

Whilst this book is aimed at anyone going into HR consulting, I want to give anyone that is finding employment difficult, for whatever reason, hope that consulting is a great alternative to the employed world.

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ISBN: 9781838236502
ISBN-10: 1838236503
Publisher: Sarah Hamilton-Gill
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 308
Language: English