Italian Short Stories for Beginners: Become Fluent in Less Than 30 Days Using a Proven Scientific Method Applied in These Language Lessons. Practice V (Hardcover)

Italian Short Stories for Beginners: Become Fluent in Less Than 30 Days Using a Proven Scientific Method Applied in These Language Lessons. Practice V Cover Image
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Are you looking for an incredibly good manuscript for learning italian?

Are you frustrated because you want to leave for a trip to italian, but you can't due to your lack of italian language knowledge?

Do you know what is the hardest thing to find in a language learning manuscript?

If you want to know the answer, then keep reading...

Attention: to start on your path to learning, you do not have to purchase the whole series, instead, you can buy this book only. However, the purchase of the complete series of four books is recommended for a richer and more detailed study of the language in question.

Probably you have already tried to learn italian by watching your favorite movies and series, and maybe you could not see them until the end, giving up right away because they were talking too fast and you could not understand that much. If this happened to you, you probably thought that learning italiane is too difficult, if not impossible for you...

Science helps you here. Did you know that we memorize and learn information more easily through stories? Because our brain likes it, it has been so used from an early age, with the stories they told us, cartoons etc. In this way it is more inclined to learn. As a result, it is easier to learn and memorize a new language by reading stories.

There are several manuscripts similar to this one for learning italian but they are not really optimal or suitable for beginners for different reasons: complicated terms are used, the stories are too long, lack of vocabulary, excessive amount of grammatical errors, lack of techniques and suggestions to help the reader to memorize effortless and other carelessness that you will not find in this manuscript.

Here you'll find:

- Tips and techniques about learning languages (and not just Italian)

- The fundamentals of the Italian language

- Some of the most complex issues of the Italian language

- 11 lessons broken down into verb tenses

- The Present Simple Tense with the verb "essere"

- The Present Simple tense with verbs in "are"

- The present simple tense with regular and irregular verbs

- 1 empowering lesson with all the tenses together and much more

In fact, even if you have never spoken or written in italian, no need to worry because this book was designed specifically for people like you...

At the end of each story, there are 10 questions and suggested answers that will guide you in each of your answers. In addition to get the most out of this manuscript you'll find a parallel translation of the stories in English and at the beginning of each lesson, there is a glossary that contains the words of the story that will follow.

This will help you to memorize the most important words of each story. In conclusion with all these advantages it will be scientifically impossible not to learn italian.

If you are ready to learn quickly and effortless italian, just buy a copy now of this manuscript to start speaking italian fluently.

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ISBN: 9781801476041
ISBN-10: 1801476047
Publisher: Learning Italian Academy
Publication Date: December 24th, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English