Defend Yourself with Ju-Jitsu or Karate and Stay Out of Jail: Using Criminal and Civil Laws of Self Defense to Your Advantage (Paperback)

Defend Yourself with Ju-Jitsu or Karate and Stay Out of Jail: Using Criminal and Civil Laws of Self Defense to Your Advantage Cover Image
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If you are trained in ju-jitsu, karate, boxing or any other fighting art, but have no idea what to do after you have disabled an attacker, YOU ARE ONLY HALF-TRAINED. In the unfortunate situation where you seriously injure your assailant, do you run, call 911 and the police, or what? This book discusses the pros and cons of each option. If you call the cops, you will generally be taken to the police station for questioning. How should you act?Did you know the police are allowed to lie to you? You call the police, and they take you to the station, the following often happens. The "bad cop" sits down across from you, looks you in the eye, and asks, "Did you see the Caucasian couple in their sixties across the way? Bill Hammermill was the man with white hair, black glasses, and brown shit. Bill is a retired captain in the Coast Guard. Mary, his wife, is a retired school teacher. Well, they both said it seemed like once you subdued the attacker, you kept hitting him with excessive force. Did you know you were breathing hard after you stopping hitting the victim? We've got you with excessive force. What do you have to say?" Confused, intimidated, and uncertain, you might say, "gee, I was only defending myself, but maybe I hit the victim harder than I thought, and maybe I could have stopped sooner." Unfortunately, for you, all the statements about a witness are fabricated story -it is a lie. There were no witnesses, and nobody made any statements. You said too much and talked yourself in a jail cell. The courts hold such fabrications are proper police interrogation procedure. Frazier v. Cupp 394 U.S. 731 (1969).Even if you win a criminal case, you still can face a civil lawsuit. The attorney's fees in a case that goes through trial, can be $25,000 to $50,000, Surprisingly, in civil lawsuits, your homeowner's insurance policy might provide you with an attorney, free. Learn what your rights are, what to say to the police, and how to increase your chances of staying out of jail. This book was formerly published as "Defending Yourself, What the Law Says.

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Publication Date: March 6th, 2019
Pages: 116
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