The House of Small Absences (Paperback)

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Anne-Marie Fyfe’s poems have long dwelt on the role that the spaces we inhabit, the places in which we find security, play in our lives: The House of Small Absences is an observation window into strange, unsettling spaces—a deserted stage-set, our own personalised ‘museum’, a Piedmont albergo, underground cities, Midtown roof-gardens, convent orchards, houseboats, a foldaway circus, a Romanian sleeper-carriage—the familiar rendered uncanny through the distorting lenses of distance and life’s exigencies, its inevitable lettings-go. There is a winning intimacy to the shorter poems, they clear our palates and prepare us for the longer, more involved set pieces with all of their carefully delineated and often darkly gorgeous imagery.

About the Author

Anne-Marie Fyfe has taught literature and creative-writing, chaired the Poetry Society, and programmed poetry events and festivals for many years including organizing and hosting the Coffee-House Poetry reading series at London s famous Troubadour."

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ISBN: 9781781722404
ISBN-10: 1781722404
Publisher: Seren
Publication Date: November 2015
Pages: 72
Language: English