Life of a Don: life's stages from a male perspective (Paperback)

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Life of a Don, life's stages from a male perspective.

We begin life dependent upon caretakers for nourishment, learning language, and instilling customs. We also inherit a perplexing array of genetically determined capabilities-and limits. The interactions between nurture and nature never stop changing throughout life's stages. We each make contributions to and demands upon human society. Then, towards the end, we face again becoming dependent upon caretakers.

This is the story of Don Hunter and his wife Jan as they go through this life process. It explores some of the interactions which stand out in the author's experience during what has been a relatively long life. He wonders: how much of life is driven by our makeup, including hormones; how much is happenstance; and how much of it is by choice? The story concludes with one choice of how life may end

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ISBN: 9781735550107
ISBN-10: 1735550108
Publisher: Shareinprint
Publication Date: January 25th, 2021
Pages: 170
Language: English