Killing Comfort: The Overlooked Prerequisite to Extraordinary Results (Paperback)

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This book is not a fairytale or a story for your entertainment. This book is for those ready to roll up their sleeves and put in the work. With over a dozen different exercises and processes, this book is a tactical approach to living your best (uncomfortable) life.

We all know that working hard or getting out of our comfort zone is beneficial. But why do some work hard and still end up with marginal results?

If all it takes to truly succeed is consistency and hard work there would be a lot more millionaires and six-pack abs out there. While consistency and hard work are big pieces of the puzzle, they are not the only pieces.

So, that's where this book comes in. The concept of doing hard things is not new.

But, knowing what hard things to pursue seems to be the real challenge, or what I call the intentional pursuit of discomfort. The intentional pursuit of discomfort is not the same thing as simply putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. It's putting yourself in the right uncomfortable situations for exponential growth. It all starts with the simple idea of killing comfort. At its best, comfort has eased you into mediocrity. At its worst, comfort is literally killing you. It's time we take the fight to comfort.

The pages in this book tell the stories of men and women who were just like you. Men and women who struggled with all that life demands, but found a way to push forward, albeit uncomfortably. We will also look to poetry and films, ancient texts, and a massive amount of scientific research. I'll weave in my own stories and experiences as well as data from tens of thousands of people who have utilized the services of my company, End of Three Fitness, over the last decade.

To kill comfort, we'll need to cover three domains:

  • Avoiding the traps of comfort

  • Alchemizing intentionally focused discomfort

  • Implementing a process daily over decades

Almost any action will lead to some results, but we are after extraordinary results.

You know that is what you are after and it's what you deserve.

That's why you're reading this. So, let's unlock what's been holding us back. Let's mark off

the prerequisite that is overlooked by so many. Let's KILL COMFORT.

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ISBN: 9781734858020
ISBN-10: 1734858028
Publisher: End of Three Fitness
Publication Date: May 19th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English