Welcome, Dear Child: A Warm Welcome to the Amazigh Culture (Paperback)

Welcome, Dear Child: A Warm Welcome to the Amazigh Culture By Kim Arnold, Pam Fries (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Kim Arnold, Pam Fries (Illustrator)
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Every new baby is a new branch on the family tree. When a new baby comes home, it is a time for the whole family to remember their roots, their heritage, and all the strength of their identity as they help the little one get a strong start in life. This book celebrates a child born into the Amazigh (ah-mah-Zeer') culture of North Africa whose resilience and creativity have given the world many beautiful gifts over the years.

For anyone not connected to this culture, the text and illustrations will help you learn more about these amazing people. The Imazighen (plural for Amazigh) are also known as the Berbers. They are the indigenous people of North Africa. They live in many different countries and have mastered wildly divergent climates with the resources at their disposal. If this book is an introduction for you, I hope you enjoy meeting the Amazigh

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ISBN: 9781732886827
ISBN-10: 1732886822
Publisher: Kim Arnold
Publication Date: January 17th, 2022
Pages: 30
Language: English