Elie & Elon the Fairy Baby (Twins) - Hardcover (Hardcover)

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By Aunya N. Robinson, Aunya N. Robinson (Illustrator), Rissarae Designs (Created by)
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Ellie & Elon the Fairy Baby Twins. Ellie and Elon the twins are very special and have an important assignment. Their greatest joy is teaching children all around the world the magic in being focused and setting goals. They are their to encourage you and be your biggest fans HOCUS, POCUS, FOCUS

Reading with minimal help:
Engaging stories with longer sentences and play with language for the developing reader.

Early Fluent.

About This Book Stage:

  • More pages
  • Longer sentences
  • More text per page
  • Richer vocabulary
  • Greater variation in sentence pattern
  • Less reliance on pictures
  • More formal and descriptive language

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732294943
ISBN-10: 1732294941
Publisher: Rissarae Designs
Publication Date: July 4th, 2018
Pages: 48
Language: English