In Sickness and in Health (Hardcover)

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"In Sickness and In Health" is a Christian themed self-help guide to Care Giving, from the Care giver's perspective. Following the Seven Stages of Grief, this guide takes you through all the steps of your journey as a Care Giver and is packed with practical information guiding you in each of the Stages of Grief, to help you make the necessary decisions that come your way. "In Sickness and In Health" covers short-term Care Giving that has minor surgery and the fast recovery, to the Long Term, permanent life changing Care Giving. When you have the crisis occur, the emotions that you have are overwhelming and maybe gut wrenching. You feel buried under a blizzard. This book will help you dig out of that blizzard and allow you to step back and see the whole big picture and be better organized. You will become creative with your care plan options, finding available resources, able to think outside of the box, and become a strong patient advocate. It shows the importance to keep Faith with God and to not give up. You are not in this journey alone.

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ISBN: 9781664173705
ISBN-10: 1664173706
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Publication Date: May 9th, 2021
Pages: 56
Language: English