Earth Spirit Living: Bringing Heaven and Nature Into Your Home (Paperback)

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Earth Spirit Living is a revolutionary approach to lifestyle design and personal space. Author Ann Marie Holmes, an expert on earth energy systems, reveals that by picking up subtle cues from the natural world, we can create healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable living spaces. She shows how we can effectively incorporate principles of sacred geometry, human intuition, and the power of space, shape, and layout to become aware of -- and collaborate with -- the earth's energies.

Perfect for homeowners, renters, business owners, professional designers, and builders, Earth Spirit Living illuminates the benefits of living in cooperation with our environment, including:

* a more comfortable home * increased effectiveness in your work
* healthier, calmer living conditions * enhanced work and personal relationships
* improved prosperity * smoother construction or remodeling process

Insightful illustrations, ceremonies, cures, attunements, and visualizations will help you hone your natural instincts and strengthen your connection to your physical space. With client stories and personal anecdotes, Holmes guides you on the journey toward a balanced life and living space that harnesses the energy and wisdom of nature.

Praise For…

"Earth Spirit Living highlights our living and creative relationship with the earth. We are part of a sacred circle of life -- by attuning to this loving intelligence we better our lives and the world."

-- Dorothy Maclean, cofounder of the Findhorn Foundation and Community

"Ann Marie's theories are innovative, refreshing, and all-embracing. She treats topics ordinarily neglected by others with great detail and explanation. An ancient proverb states, 'When one opens a book, one will reap in benefits.' I hope all who read this book will do so carefully and repeatedly so that they too may share the aura of higher wisdom."

-- His Holiness Grandmaster, Professor Thomas Lin-Yun Rinpoche

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ISBN: 9781582701509
ISBN-10: 1582701504
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2007
Pages: 288
Language: English