Millionaire Influencer: 50 Steps to Your Online Empire (Paperback)

Millionaire Influencer: 50 Steps to Your Online Empire By Yuli Ziv Cover Image
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Every year, millions of aspiring digital content creators are starting a blog, a YouTube Channel or an Instagram account. However, only a few become the envied multi-platform media moguls that amass a tremendous social influence that has the potential to surpass many celebrities; and some even join the so-called 'Millionaires Club'.The question on the mind of every aspiring content creator is: How do I join this group of fortunate people who make a lucrative career simply being who they are and broadcasting their content for all to see? What separates those who succeed and those who don't? Do they possess certain traits or follow certain rules? According to Yuli Ziv, one of the pioneers of influencer marketing and founder of leading influencer marketing platform, Style Coalition, success as an online influencer can indeed be built. In her third book, Millionaire Influencer, she outlines the steps that would lead online content creators to the top of their dream career: - Developing a content strategy- Building and managing an online reputation- Growing and managing relationships with followers- Establishing a personal brand and business- Marketing specific services as a digital influencer- Garnering resources needed for operating a business- Building revenue channels- Sharpening business and social media marketing skills- Developing leadership habits.

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ISBN: 9781544069388
ISBN-10: 1544069383
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 20th, 2017
Pages: 186
Language: English