It Starts With A Canvas: featuring the artwork of Bradley Zink (Paperback)

It Starts With A Canvas: featuring the artwork of Bradley Zink By Bradley Zink Cover Image
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This is very different, to be writing an art book on myself. I have published several artist featured books, and have written about some incredibly talented people. I have also had the pleasure to meet literally hundreds of artists in the last few months, and have seen a broad range of artistic styles and perspectives. After 'seeing' all of this amazing art, it began to get my inspiration flowing, to express my 'views', if you will, of life as I see it, both from the external world, as well as the dark reaches of my mind. Mind you, Picasso I am not. But, what I do offer is a chance to not only 'see' things from my point of view, but also show you that with the right passion and inspiration, anyone can paint. And, it has a true way of instilling this inner calm in us, to be able to release the energy that flows through us, but it a creative, and artistic, way. During the month of July 2015, I spent one week creating the following 'works of art', as a way to express and release the 'flow' within. So, I hope you enjoy my take on being a painter......

About the Author

Born in Petaluma, California during the early 1970's, Bradley Zink grew up with a passion for books. Instilled in him by his parents, and surrounded with a library of books by Dr. Seuss, Mark Twain and Charles Dickens, to name a few, he developed a true passion for reading. After the birth of his son, Alex, and being a stay-at-home dad, he too instilled the power of reading in his son, too. Using Dr. Seuss as the building blocks for teaching him, Bradley aspired to create a book for Alex, and all children to enjoy. With his son as his muse and inspiration, Bradley is constantly testing out his writings on the world's harshest critic, his son Alex.

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Publication Date: July 25th, 2015
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