Visit to Iceland and the Scandinavian North (Paperback)

Visit to Iceland and the Scandinavian North By Ida Pfeiffer Cover Image
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The success which attended the publication in this Series of Illustrated Works of A Woman's Journey round the World, has induced the publication of the present volume on a country so little known as Iceland, and about which so little recent information exists.The translation has been carefully made, expressly for this Series, from the original work published at Vienna; and the Editor has added a great many notes, wherever they seemed necessary to elucidate the text.In addition to the matter which appeared in the original work, the present volume contains a translation of a valuable Essay on Icelandic poetry, by M. Bergmann; a translation of an Icelandic poem, the 'V lusp ;' a brief sketch of Icelandic History; and a translation of Schiller's ballad, 'The Diver, ' which is prominently alluded to by Madame Pfeiffer in her description of the Geysers.The Illustrations have been printed in tints, so as to make the work uniform with the Journey round the World.

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