Big Bang Problems: How, When, and Where the Universe Began (Hardcover)

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Cosmology: Scientific Study of the Universe For thousands of years, humankind has gazed up into the heavens at the beautiful Milky Way galaxy and pondered ?From where did it come Over the years, as more knowledge was acquired, our views of the universe have changed. Our thinking has evolved from a belief that the Earth was flat, and then it was thought the Earth was the center of the universe. Then the misinterpretation of redshift gave the appearance that everything erupted from a single point. Thinking evolved to the idea of a big bang belief that everywhere is the center of the universe and it is expanding without limit. Now again, we have reached dogma. Scientific thinkers recognize the big bang theory has serious credibility problems. It is now proved and recognized that the big bang concept was inferred from misinterpretation of redshift observations first acquired in the early 1910s at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. The big bang theory was concocted before positron/electron combination ?positroniums? were known. These smallest of atoms were discovered in the 1930s and not understood until the 1950s. Positroniums have a tremendous amount of energy, and when their positrons and electrons come into contact, they annihilate, the conversion of all their mass into energy that is evolving into all the mass and energy in the universe. The initial annihilation started the cascading at what is now the center of the universe. It is a huge void in the Eridanus constellation, about 10 billion light-years from Earth. Now, we have a provable scientific explanation. Finally, it all makes sense without myth.

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