Smart Slot Strategies: A Mathematical Approach to Winning Slot Machine Strategies (Paperback)

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This book includes easy-to-follow strategies developed by the author and tested in real-world casinos. He doesn't claim that these strategies are guaranteed to make you win (as many other authors do), but even if you don't follow any of the strategies or apply the rules laid out in this book, you will become a better-informed slot machine player and will have a good, basic understanding of how slot machines work and what to expect when you play slots. Several books on the market today make the claim that they teach techniques that will lead to better results when you play slot machines, and even claim that they guarantee that you will be a winner each and every time you apply their techniques, but can you really win at slot machines with any form of predictability or consistency? Is it really possible to predict what the slot machines will pay out, which slot machines you should play, and for how long? Many of these questions are answered in this book, with answered that aren't based on the author's own guesses and theories. The information contained here is based on a mathematical approach, which examines many of these age-old techniques and "secrets to winning at slot machines" and provides an assessment of their reliability and usability. Many of these commonly-held beliefs are fundamentally flawed and the author points out why you should or shouldn't use them. This book also contains a list of the author's cardinal rules for successful slot machine play in real-world casinos, including the author's own counting method, which he developed based on research conducted on thousands of plays in various slot machines. This counting method was created to provide players with the ability to pick looser slot machines with greater accuracy and avoid the casinos' tightest machines. The author also gives detailed advice on how you can practice your techniques and better prepare yourself before you enter the casino.

About the Author

John W. Crockett received his MBA from the University of LaVerne where he studied economics, finance, and statistics. John is currently an employee for a large government contractor, working in business management.

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ISBN: 9781453609262
ISBN-10: 1453609261
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2010
Pages: 94
Language: English