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Do you have a favorite superhero? I know I do. Some wear capes; some can fly; and others, like the hero in this book, just do it. Today is Career Day in the classroom at Good Deeds Elementary, and you will get to meet a real-life hero. He doesn't have super strength, and he can't read minds, but he is one of the strongest and brightest heroes you'll ever meet. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone in the world is safe. At Career Day, while all the other parents came up to speak and tell the classroom about their jobs, Joseph decided to take the stage in his father's place. This is a story about honor, courage, commitment, and one little boy's love for his father and for his country. In this story you will see, through Joseph's eyes, who his father truly is. You will learn about the sacrifice's men and women of the military make and the sacrifices their families make as well. We miss chances all the time to thank these real-life heroes. After you read this, you will be sure to thank anyone in a military uniform for their service.

Good Deeds Elementary is joining Yellow Ribbon Fund in changing the lives of the families of injured armed forces members. 25% of proceeds from Career Day will be donated to Yellow Ribbon Fund. Yellow Ribbon Fund was established in February 2005 to serve our injured service members as they returned home from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Yellow Ribbon Fund was one of the first veteran service organizations to recognize the importance of keeping the family together during the critical recuperation phase. Through the creation of their key programs: Crossroads and Keystone, they are able to make an impact on veterans and their families all around the world. For more info go to

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Publication Date: September 8th, 2020
Pages: 30
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