Strategic Approaches for Playing the Slots: No More Up the Hickory and Down the Pine, Splitting Your Pants Up the Behind (Paperback)

Strategic Approaches for Playing the Slots: No More Up the Hickory and Down the Pine, Splitting Your Pants Up the Behind By Mary Fagan Cover Image
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High Rollers and Low Rollers, this book is for you. "Strategic Approaches for Playing the Slots," contain over 200 pages of strategies. Employing these strategies during slot play may give you a playing advantage and winning outcome. Jackpot winning of $147,424.59 and large winnings below jackpot level are attributed to the strategies in this book. Details that will help you play the slots in a strategic manner starts in Chapter 1 and concludes in Chapter 19. Starting with the initial chapters the strategies include: Mental Preparedness, Nine Ways to Stay in Control, and Seven Ways to Bring Your Winnings Home. There are also thirty-eight patterns to help you know how your play may be impacted if you continue to play at a machine. Along with the thirty-eight patterns, you will learn how to detect reoccurring payout and bonus patterns on your own. This includes bonus rounds, retriggers, flash spinning, and matching three symbols to receive the progressive amounts. For those of you who play Class II Bingo Slot Machines, fifty-five Bingo Patterns are depicted. When these patterns are repeatedly drawn on your Bingo Card, there are proposed strategies that may help you stay ahead of combinations that recoup your money. Further, you will learn to observe thirteen general indicators that relate to slot payouts. Other strategies are: Strategizing to Win a Jackpot; Timing the Slots and Playing the Slots at the Right Time Every Time; Winning on Special Event Days; and Playing in the Most Lucrative Floor Areas. One chapter even gives the reader some guidelines for determining whether to Play or Not Play with the Players' Card. In the latter chapters, you will find a variety of "out-of-the box." strategies. You will learn how to capitalize on luck when it is most prevalent in your environment; base play on Hunches and Peculiarities that have payout implications; and use a (Sign) ti-fic Approach that is based on astrological signs and financial outlook. The 261 pages of strategies in this book enables you to come to the playing field (casino) with a plan of play. You are the Master of your Soul; You are the Meat in the Meatballs; You are the Heat under the Pot; You are the Crunch in the Fried Chicken; You are the Master of your Slot Play. Rid your slot play of, "Up the Hickory and Down the Pine, Splitting Your Pants Up the Behind. Make Your Order Right Now: Strategic Approaches for Playing the Slots (No More Up the Hickory and Down the Pine Splitting Your Pants Up the Behind.)

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ISBN: 9781096821861
ISBN-10: 1096821869
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 5th, 2020
Pages: 264
Language: English