Back Door Discipline: Domestic Discipline Romance (Paperback)

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These short stories are about submissive women and the men who like to DISCIPLINE them... and about plenty of BACKDOOR happy endings

Stories included:

Maddie Obeys

Maddie found what she needed when she married Nate, a confident, take charge man who will give her the love and security she's always craved. She agreed to base their marriage on Domestic Discipline, where Nate is the Head of Household with full authority to punish Maddie when she fails to submit to his authority. Nate is a conservative man, both in and out of the bedroom. Although Maddie wouldn't trade what she's found with him for anything, there are times she wishes he'd be a little more open to experimentation. When Lola, Maddie's former college roommate, comes to town, Maddie's world is turned upside down. In college, Maddie had been free-spirited, bold and a little bit wild. With Lola, Maddie did things that her husband would never approve of. And now Lola wants to visit...

Breaking In Sara

Sara likes to take the lead, both in her professional life... and in the bedroom. When she sits down to interview Gabe Lyons, CEO of DomesticDisciplineDating.Com, she knows he's not her type. Sure, he's hot, but he runs a matchmaking site that connects dominating men with submissive women. Sara doesn't understand why any woman would let a man take control, much less actively search for someone to punish and discipline her. Why would any woman want to be spanked? For the sake of her readers, Sara is determined to find out.

Kendra's Deception

Brenda and her twin sister, Kendra, never kept secrets from each other. They used to share everything, including their boyfriends. But when Brenda married Logan, that changed. Brenda isn't sure whether her sister would understand her choice to be a submissive wife in a Domestic Discipline marriage. She thrives under Logan's discipline, but doesn't trust that her twin would see the benefit of the punishment that have become part of her life. When Kendra finally comes to visit, she talks Brenda into playing one of their old, erotic games: switching identities. But Kendra gets more than she bargains for when she pretends she's her twin sister in the bedroom.

Katie's Confession

Katie has struggled with submission ever since she and her husband Matt agreed to live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Finally realizing that her past sins are weighing on her mind and preventing her from fully submitting to Matt's authority, Katie asks him to allow her to confess and be punished for everything she's held back from him. Matt is willing, and he comes up with punishments that will allow Katie to feel truly cleansed of her sins. But will he be able to purge his own anger when he hears her final confession?

Spanking Jasmine

Jasmine laughs in disbelief when she finds out about something called Domestic Discipline. Her husband, Shane, latches onto the idea for some sexy bedroom fun, and at first Jasmine is game to play along. What she doesn't count on is actually feeling more submissive the more dominant her husband becomes.

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ISBN: 9781088117286
ISBN-10: 1088117287
Publisher: Spicy Bestsellers
Publication Date: May 11th, 2023
Pages: 148
Language: English