Kanley Stubrick (Paperback)

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A girl loses her shoe and the guy she lives with starts calling their friends to see if they know anything about the missing shoe. Some of them have theories, others don't seem to care. Then the girl herself disappears and the guy goes looking for her.

It might be April, but it might also be June. The missing girl might be in Ojai, or she might be in Merced. She might have brown hair, or she might not. Things disappear because there is nothing to hold them in place.

Kanley Stubrick is about the things in the world that we don't know, and Mike Kleine gives us permission to not be afraid of what we don't know.

Prepare to experience a very specific moment in time that has something to do with cosmic wounds, out-of-nowhere violence, metaphysics and existential trauma-a rococo portrait of the world we once knew.

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ISBN: 9780996421836
ISBN-10: 0996421831
Publisher: We Heard You Like Books
Publication Date: September 13th, 2016
Pages: 104
Language: English