The Revisionist (Paperback)

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Fiction. The title character of THE REVISIONIST conducts covert surveillance on a city whose inhabitants are subject to uncanny transformations as a result of catastrophic weather, political corruption, invasive technologies and environmental degradation. Hired to spin, or revise, the facts, the revisionist's perceptions in turn become detached and distorted--inevitably unreliable yet all the same, revealing. This civil scientist of a narrator sardonically observes a distressed landscape inhabited by mutant children, a seeing-eye dog, a centenarian with iguanas and constellations beneath her dress, brooding frigate birds, insurance love clones, a terrorist curator, a private investigator, and a little girl who's discovered the world's largest conch. THE REVISIONIST is at once a beautifully simple fable and a wonderfully lyrical apocalyptic tale--Brian Evenson.

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ISBN: 9780977072378
ISBN-10: 0977072371
Publisher: Calamari Press
Publication Date: January 30th, 2007
Pages: 82
Language: English