Village Medical Manual (7th Edition): A Guide to Health Care in Developing Countries (2 Volume Set) (Paperback)

Village Medical Manual (7th Edition): A Guide to Health Care in Developing Countries (2 Volume Set) Cover Image
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The Combined eBook Edition has approximately 20,000 internal hyperlinks for easy cross-referencing. The fixed-page layout allows for perfect parity with the print version. For added convenience, get anywhere in the eBook within four clicks Ideal usage for the Kindle format occurs on Android tablets or computers.

Village Medical Manual is a user-friendly, two-volume healthcare guide for lay workers in developing countries with special features that trained medical professionals would also find useful. Its intended use is for those who are required, by location and circumstances, to render medical care.

The clear vocabulary, along with over a thousand illustrations and diagrams, help Western-educated expatriates living in isolated locations to medically treat people and intelligently refer those that can be referred accordingly. It contains clearly defined procedural techniques and diagnostic protocols for when sophisticated instrumentation and lab tests are not available. It also offers solutions and advice for overcoming barriers to best practices in global health.

Volume 1 elucidates medical principles, symptoms, and procedures for routine medical care, as well as emergency situations.

Volume 2 includes vast symptom, disease (common and tropical), drug, and regionally-relevant indices to assist the reader in step-by-step diagnoses and treatment.

This is a crucial reference for all who lack formal global health training but must know how to meet health care challenges in developing areas lacking medical infrastructure.

Special Features include:

-Epidemiological disease maps
-Detailed diagnostic triage protocols
-Safety criteria for skills relevant to performing procedures
-Bush Laboratory Procedures appendix
-Drug name cross reference lists
-Reference chart for determining unknown patient age
-Patient history & physical exam forms
-Critically ill patient appendix for hospice-oriented care
-Water purification procedures
-Extensive index for easy navigation

About the Author

Mary Vanderkooi has been serving since 1994 in Ethiopia, where she does mobile, rural clinic work. She received her doctorate in 1975 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also received an MS in medical physiology and a BS in chemistry from the University of Rochester, New York. Vanderkooi received a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM & H) at Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine. Along with her husband, Garret Vanderkooi, she serves as a missionary with Equip International. The couple has two children, Mark and Ellen.

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