Raising Goats for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Raising and Caring for Dairy and Meat Goats (Paperback)

Raising Goats for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Raising and Caring for Dairy and Meat Goats By David Oliver Cover Image
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Raising goats is a real challenge, especially for people who have never had to deal with these beautiful animals.

Having a herd of sheep is a dream come true for many farmers but caring for each goat is not an easy job. Our book is here to provide all the information you need to make sure your goats are safe and healthy. Featuring 12 chapters that can teach you everything from how to recognize different goat breeds to how to buy one and how to create a habitat for them. You will get into the secrets of fencing, nutritional needs for dairy and meat goats, and even first aid tricks and how to care for injured goats. What may seem overwhelming at first will shortly become your area of expertise. As you move through the chapters, you will get to learn more about raising meat goats and how to become a well-prepared shepherd.

How To Raise Goats - You Too Can Become an Experienced Shepherd

With our book, you are one step closer to fulfilling your dream of raising your own herd The book includes everything you need on how to pick, raise, care for, and groom goats, as well as how to grow your goat business. This book on raising goats naturally is easy to follow and explains everything thoroughly, which makes it a great option for very inexperienced shepherds.

Why is this book a must-have on your shelf?

  • Step by step explanations on how to raise goats
  • Great business insights for goat shepherds
  • Includes information on where and how to buy a goat
  • Teaches you how to harvest goat meat and prepare dairy products
  • Easy to follow advice on goat raising
  • Focuses on both dairy and meat goats
  • Clear setup of each chapter
  • Excellent gift for future shepherds

Become a great shepherd with this excellent book on how to raise goats

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