The Road to Americanism: The Constitutional History of the United States (Paperback)

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Our young people are being taught to hate our country. They are also being urged to give up their liberties. What can you do about it? The Road to Americanism is the perfect antidote to The 1619 Project and other agenda-driven curricula. Your children and grandchildren will hear the unique and compelling story of how we became "Americans." They will also discover how our republic and Constitution were designed to protect them. After extensive research in the National Archives and other original sources, Dennis Haugh analyzes the fascinating evolution of both American society and American constitutionalism. The book opens with a famous scene after the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Then the author traces the many influences on our society during the 169 years of the colonial period. From the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to the proposal of the Bill of Rights in September 1789, we see how and why the American constitutional framework was created, and also why the need for an effective amendment process is crucial. The remainder of the book illustrates why our founding generation selected a republic as the embodiment of Aristotle's "best" form of government. After finishing, readers will have an appreciation for why our founding principles are so essential and relevant today. If our young people have the tools to protect America's future, they can protect their own. The founding generation developed their constitutional intelligence in a relatively short time. They learned from the creation of State Constitutions between 1776 and 1783, in the midst of the Revolutionary War. We have let our constitutional intelligence atrophy, but we can draw on lessons learned by our founders to reinvigorate it in a short time. Then "We the People" can be better stewards of our republic, and more of us can achieve Aristotle's "good life.

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ISBN: 9780578490168
ISBN-10: 0578490161
Publisher: Dennis Haugh
Publication Date: December 14th, 2019
Pages: 300
Language: English