Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle (Hardcover)

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“GET ANGRY. We should all be so pissed at the Church of America that we’re willing to break our hands in the metaphorical punching of its metaphorical face.”  —Harpreet Janda, fugitive
The predicted Rapture by Pastor Frick’s Church of America has come and gone, and three thousand Believers are now missing or dead. Seventeen-year-old Vivian Apple and her best friend, Harpreet, are revolutionaries, determined to expose the Church’s diabolical power grab . . . and to locate Viv’s missing heartthrob, Peter Ivey. This fast-paced, entertaining sequel to Vivian Apple at the End of the World challenges readers to consider how to live with integrity in a disintegrating world.

About the Author

Katie Coyle grew up in Fair Haven, New Jersey, and has an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh. Her short fiction has appeared in One Story, The Southeast Review, Cobalt, and Critical Quarterly

Praise For…

"Like its prequel, Katie Coyle's ostensibly YA novel Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle examines pretty heavy themes — spirituality, faith, love, and how doing the right thing can be really hard, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it."

“An utterly chilling look at what happens when a dying world so desperately wants to believe in anything to survive.”

"The characters are well rounded and believable and represent multiple personalities and ideologies...Readers will be questioning their own belief systems and asking themselves just how far they would go to uncover the truth."
School Library Journal

"Coyle adeptly handles an exceptionally multifaceted plot, easily seguing from snarky social criticism to heart-pounding action to stomach-fluttering romance, creating a breathless whirlwind that keeps the pages fying until the very end. A distinctive, complex, and thoughtful page-turner certain to leave readers clamoring for more."

"Unpredictable and unique, this book wil leave readers in awe, aspiring to be as brave and graceful as Vivian Apple herself."
—VOYA, Teen Reviewer

"Nonstop twists and breathless action flirt with crossing the line into absurdity, but that's just part of this sequel's appeal. Fans shouldn't hesitate to continue Viv's quest along with her, and they'll be satisfied with how her mission to save humanity from fear-fueled delusion plays out."
Horn Book Magazine

"As before, Coyle takes an intriguing premise, covers it with questions of faith and loyalty, adds a gallon of cynicism, and keeps it moving...Along with the questions about religion and consumerism that are in the forefront of the girls' quest, tucked away are important insights about human nature."

* "Coyle dials back the urgency of her debut, adopting a more languid pace while still delivering plenty of action...As Vivian and harp attempt to solve the mystery of the faked Rapture in an effort to expose the Church as a fraud, Coyle again offers searing commentary on present-day religiosity and consumerism."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

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ISBN: 9780544390423
ISBN-10: 0544390423
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2015
Pages: 304
Language: English