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The first ever biblical prophecy established the trajectory of humanity until the end of the age. After the fall of man, God proclaimed there were to be two seeds, the godly seed of the woman, and the ungodly seed of the serpent, and perpetual enmity would exist between them. From the respective lines two ultimate Messiah figures were to come who would fight for the loyalty of man and his spiritual destiny. All of man is fated to follow one of these two Christ figures. Our eternal destiny depends on this one decision. For this reason, it is imperative that we are well-educated on who these two Christs are and the signs of their coming. Our goal will be to better understand the spiritual battlefield between good and evil, and ultimately, to identify the character, actions, and personage of the Antichrist.

  • Will man seek to be restored in the image of God by following the seed of the woman, Jesus Christ?
  • Will man strive to become as god in their own eyes by following the seed of the serpent, the Antichrist?

Each subsequent chapter of this book will examine different aspects of the Antichrist using a steady foundation of biblical testimony together with supporting evidence from non-canonical, historical, rabbinical, and occult sources. We will explore the fruits of the seed of the serpent, the spiritual offspring of Satan, by beginning from the firstborn of humanity, Cain. By studying his ungodly lineage, both spiritual and biological, the emergence of the worldly kingdoms in opposition to God can be understood. From here we can speculate on the final kingdom from which he will rise, and consider the attributes he will inherit from the kings of these wicked empires. Once all of the conditions and elements have been outlined, we can produce a composite image of the Antichrist we are to expect on the world stage and help us understand the mechanisms behind his ascension. With all of these moving parts clearly accounted for, we can finally tackle the task of identifying this man of sin and lawlessness.

  • What does it mean for the beast, the Antichrist, to have been, now is not, and will ascend from the abyss? (Rev. 17:7-8). Does this indicate a second coming?
  • What are the seven heads and seven kings of the beast? (Rev. 17:9-10). Do they have real-world analogues that can help us discover the Antichrist?
  • What does it mean for the Antichrist to be the eighth king, yet of the seven? (Rev. 17:11). Does this mean the Antichrist has been here before in the same way Jesus has?

The following are the general topics covered: origins of the heavenly civil war which now play out in our world; ungodly trinity of Satan, Antichrist, and the False Prophet; origins of the ungodly line from the firstborn in Cain; Nephilim and their purpose of rendering the lineage of the godly Messiah inoperable; continuation of ungodliness on earth after the flood and how the Nephilim survived it; sons of Ham and their descendants which tormented Israel, such as the Canaanites, Philistines, and the Phoenicians; how Nimrod was the first prototype of a king in opposition to God and mounted the first earthly challenge to God on a global scale; how Jacob and Esau are a picture of the two seeds from the Garden of Eden and the enmity which exists between their nations of Israel and Edom; prophecies of Daniel on the Great Statue and the Four Beasts which reveal the ungodly kingdoms; prophecies of John on the Beast, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet who enables him; role of the secret societies under the umbrella of Mystery Babylon, the biblical personification of the ancient mysteries; efforts underway in the world which facilitate the rise of the Antichrist within a one world government; real-world candidates for the seven kings and seven kingdoms.

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