The Human Body in Health and Illness (Paperback)

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Learn the A&P you'll really use in practice The Human Body in Health and Illness, 6th Edition uses hundreds of illustrations, colorful cartoons, and an easy-to-read approach to simplify Anatomy & Physiology concepts. Organized by body system, this resource shows how each organ is designed to work by including clear, step-by-step explanations, clinical examples, and online animations. It also demonstrates what happens to the body when a system does not function properly. Written by well-known author and educator Barbara Herlihy, this resource makes it easier and more fun to learn A&P concepts - and gives you the basic background you need to begin a healthcare career.

Full-color illustrations simplify difficult concepts and complex processes, accurately depicting anatomy, physiology, and disease. Colorful cartoons use humor to clarify and reinforce the content, making it more memorable, accessible, and easy to understand.Interesting analogies, examples, and anecdotes make learning easier and bring science to life.Key terms and objectives begin every chapter, setting learning expectations and goals, with terms defined in a comprehensive glossary. Useful learning and review features include Re-Think questions, Ramp It Up and As You Age boxes, plus Did You Know boxes with clinical scenarios and historical vignettes. Focus on medical terminology includes Medical Terminology and Disorders tables with pronunciations, derivations, and word parts, along with references to commonly used medical terminology.Evolve companion website enhances your understanding with animations, learning activities, and review tools.A study guide offers fun and practical exercises to help you review, understand, and remember basic A&P. Sold separately.New animations bring difficult concepts to life.New illustrations show more step-by-step processes, and include new review questions to help you understand the concepts depicted. UPDATED content includes additional chapter review questions.NEW More pronunciations and new med term activities are included.

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ISBN: 9780323498449
ISBN-10: 0323498442
Publisher: Saunders
Publication Date: December 13th, 2017
Pages: 576
Language: English